We survey international and domestic vessels as well as floating infrastructure. By way of insight, in Australia domestic vessels fall into four classes which we list below for your information:

Class 1 Passenger Vessels
All vessels that carry more than 12 passengers including ferries, party boats, sailing vessels – you name it! If it’s Class 1, we’ll survey it!

Class 2 Working boats

All vessels that carry less than 12 passengers, (no matter what length) including tugs, water taxis, barges and lighters, smaller ferries, utility vessels of all types. If its commercial we can help.

Class 3 Fishing Vessels

Without any exaggeration we would be the most experienced fishing vessel surveyors in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are involved in any way in fishing operations we can support you.

Class 4 Hire Craft
Hire and drive/leisure vessels. From tinnys to large self-drive power and sail vessels, if it needs to be surveyed we can help you.