Preparing for your commercial survey saves you time and money!

Here are a few tips to assist you to get ready

General Preparation

  1. Make sure there is clear access to the vessel
  2. Open and ventilate any voids
  3. If your propeller shaft and rudder stock needs inspection, they need to be fully withdrawn
  4. Find your most recent AMSA Certificate of Survey and have it out for the surveyor
    Please see bottom of page for more info
  5. Find your equipment list and check that all equipment is on board and in good working order.
  6. If it’s possible – have any systems which need to be inspected by a specialty/third party inspected prior to the survey and have the reports or certificates handy. Keep in mind that we cannot send your report to AMSA until we receive them.

If you haven’t received your new AMSA certificate of survey, you can call Claire Cunningham, AMSA Industry Liaison Officer, on 0439 406 436 or AMSA Connect on 1800 627 484. If you’re still having trouble receiving the correct information you can send an email or letter to the Kedge office and request that we get the information on your behalf.

Since AMSA took over service delivery in July 2018, your vessel will have been placed into a risk category – this reflects how often your commercial vessel is surveyed. Below is a simple table that shows how often the vessel will be surveyed each 5-year cycle. A renewal survey is both an in and out of water survey along with shafts & lightship verification if applicable.

LOW         Renewal
MEDIUM     In water   Renewal
HIGH In water In water Out of water   Renewal

Really specialised survey

Occasionally we need to do highly specialised survey related activity. This can include: Sea Trials, Inclining Experiments or Lightship checks, CMID inspections, Stability Proof Tests, Bollard Pull, Non-destructive testing including ultrasonics, moisture meter tests, and many others.

These must be done differently for different boats; when they are required we will discuss the process with you in detail to allow you to prepare fully.

Call us on 1300 899 596 at any time to discuss your survey.