Based in Devonport, North Tasmania

When not working as a Marine Surveyor I work as a towage engineer based in Devonport.

I started as an apprentice Fitter & Machinist at Garden Island Naval Dockyard, Sydney and studied marine engineering at night school.  I then spent three years as a scientific/mechanical officer on the government research ship MV Rig Seismic.

In 1989 I started as a marine engineering trainee with ANL, eventually gaining my Chief Engineers certificate in 1997. I served on ANL’s international container routes and also on the TT Line’s Abel Tasman and the first Spirit of Tasmania.

In 2001 I left the sea to work as a ship repairer in Devonport. Shortly after this I also began carrying out surveys for Marine and Safety Tasmania and for a short period lectured marine engineering at the Australian Maritime College.  The ship repair work gave way to work as a towage engineer.

I also hold a Master 5 (restricted) certificate.