1 July 2018 Has Passed!

AMSA are now the single national regulator. If you need help with the new regime call us any time.

Are you ready for 1 July 2018???


If, like the majority of people we speak to you would answer this question ‘am I ready for what on 1 July 2018???’ the simple answer is that its the date that AMSA take over full responsibility for service delivery from the States and NT.

Its not entirely clear at this stage as to exactly what this will mean for fleets or individual vessels. Here at Kedge we are keeping our ears very close to the ground to give our customers the best chance of a simple and straightforward transition.

If there is anything that is concerning you or that we can assist with please by all means drop us a line at service@kedge.com.au





New and Updated AMSA Standards and Marine Orders Released


Some good work from the AMSA standards and legislation team has just been released.

The Fire Standard C4, a perennial nightmare to apply has been re-cast and looks pretty decent.

There is some good news on transitional standards application which could simplify bringing  vessels into new areas of operation without  having to completely re-design and rebuild them.

Here’s the link to the Standards- you will find the others in the new-look AMSA website under their applicable sections. https://www.amsa.gov.au/vessels-operators/regulations-and-standards-vessels/national-standard-commercial-vessels

Negotiating these legal and tech standards can be a bit confusing- if you get stuck call us on 1 300 89 95 96 and we will link you with one of our  friendly experienced surveyors who will be happy to help you.


Human Factors Design Capability

With the addition of Dr Apsara to our team we have acquired a world-class capability to assist clients with HF/HCD.

Capabilities include:

  • The ability to conduct HF/HCD analysis of ship designs using Usability Heuristics underpinned by software such as Human CAD- applying Apsara’s cutting edge findings from her recent PhD research at AMC.
  • The capacity to conduct HF/HCD analysis of other designs and work spaces- for example AUV launching and recovery modules, Offshore workspaces etc.
  • Perform link analysis/ergonomic analysis of design drawings and provide recommendation whether the drawings comply with available HF design guidelines and criteria.


If you are designing vessels of any size and need cutting edge HF/HCD input we would love to join your team. Contact Adam on 0417 544 339 for a confidential discussion.

NSW BIA and Commercial Vessel Association Members Announcement

BIA members in NSW recently were sent a Kedge flier with special domestic commercial vessel survey price offers for BIA members. Roads and Maritime RMS will not be providing survey services in NSW after 1 January 2018 so please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 89 95 96 so we can ensure that your surveys are done where and when you need them, to avoid business interruption or inconvenience. Once we have served you you will never want to use another survey company!


New staff come on board! 

We are continuing to attract the very best talent to Kedge and are delighted to welcome Senior Surveyor Peter Keyes, the former General Manager Commercial Vessels at Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) and our new Survey Coordinator Caroline Pyle – who will no doubt speak to you when you ring our office on 1300 89 95 96 – check out their biographies on our People page and give us a call to see how they and our strong team can help with your vessel needs.

Other exciting news is that our expansion into the Sydney area is gathering pace. We will be announcing new staff in the area very soon and confirming our new contact and dedicated Sydney web details once we have tested and made sure that our NSW clients will get the same high quality responsive service our clients in Tasmania have come to rely on.


New AMSA Standards Published

Kedge staff were pleased to see that AMSA has finally made the long awaited updated NSCV Part G and F2 standards, which are due to come into effect on 1 April 2017. The new standards, which have been on the drawing board for over 4 years bring some certainty to people contemplating purchasing leisure craft or smaller lower risk vessels. As with all changes, some adjustment is inevitable. Kedge are here to assist anyone contemplating putting a craft through these standards, having a wealth of experience in how the new standards came about and how they should be implemented. We all look forward to more NSCV standard revisions which are long overdue. More information on these may be found at www.amsa.gov.au


Kedge MD gains New Zealand deemed registration

Adam Brancher, Fellow and President of the International Institute of Marine Surveying, and Managing Director of Hobart Tasmania-based Kedge Marine Surveyors, has been granted deemed registration to survey commercial vessels going to and operating in New Zealand.

“This registration from Maritime NZ provides a valuable link between Tasmania and New Zealand”, explained Adam. “It allows us to assist vessel builders and buyers to immediately start to operate in NZ and in those countries internationally (including many Pacific Islands) that accept NZ survey, with all legal requirements met.

“It could mean a major boost to export opportunities for Tasmanian vessel builders, already recognised as world leaders.”

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