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Telephone within Australia – 1300 899 596

Or (+61) 03 6292 5782

Emergency contact (+61) 0417 544 339


We extensively service these areas:

  • Tasmania – North and South, East and West and the islands
  • NSW – all areas
  • South Australia- Adelaide, River Murray, The SE, Port Lincoln and West Coast
  • Queensland- North and South
  • New Zealand (accredited MNZ)
  • Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • The Middle East

If you are seeking the absolute best specialist surveyors, we can travel to suit your needs.

Where we are

Our main office is in Tasmania, on the ground floor of
199 Macquarie Street Hobart Tasmania 7000

Our postal address is:
PO Box 129,

Find out more about our Sydney branch here: